Who are we


Our company...

The Alliance Pastorale is a 80 years old sheep and goats producers association. We are founder members in several professional structures such as herd-book associations, livestock producer groups, goat and sheep centres, insemination centres, slaughter houses, fair organisations and marketing agencies.

The role of the Alliance Pastorale is, not only to provide husbandry and dairy equipment, but also, to put the farmer in relation with a complete professional network, and to accompany him through the different production and processing phases. Today, our structure is among the most innovative rural organisations in France and generates a turnover of over 30 million Euros in 2015. Our 40000 members are spread all over France, and a lot of them in foreign countries.

Our entire product range is present on the french site : http://www.alliance-elevage.com


Our history…

In 1933, with the re-introduction of mutton sheep breeds in France, and the adoption of an open air production system, some farmers decided to come together to solve collective problems, such as the selection of adapted production and fencing techniques, the recognition of diseases, the purchase of materials and equipment and the commercialisation of final products. By doing so, these farmers organised a new filiary, and created the Alliance Pastorale. 

Located in the Poitou-Charentes region, one of the most efficient French regions in goat production, the Alliance Pastorale offered its services to farmers in this sector. As agricultural systems and products diversified, our farmers got involved in other production sectors like beef and dairy , horse, or even deer production. The Alliance Pastorale maintained its original role, and organised these production sectors. To these farmers, the Alliance Pastorale supplies necessary technical assistance, commercial outlets, and adapted equipment and products.


Our team...

David Gautereaud (Export manager)

Valerie Berjonneau (Export assistant)