General terms and conditions for the sale of Goods

The fact of placing an order to purchase implicates formal acceptation of our terms and conditions. To be able to place an order, it is obligatory to have paid the annual membership fee (which is valid for the duration  of our financial year, i.e. from the 1st October to the 30th September) of Syndicat Alliance Pastorale (with the exception of  members who are not residents in France), which is fixed by the General Assembly.

Order forms

The purchase order implies agreement on the item for sale, it’s price, and like any contract it binds the two parties.  In consequence, in the case of refusal at delivery, the buyer could be obliged by all means to accept the delivery and the purchase price will remain payable.


If the buyer wishes to be delivered at his home address by transporter, he is in the obligation to be there to receive the merchandise and to be equipped with the necessary equipment for unloading (e.g. : forklift,telescopic handler,etc). Any reservations must be marked on the order form. Any contestation on the quantity and quality of the merchandise will be nul and void if there were no reservations marked on the delivery form of the transporter. These remarks must to be confirmed by recorded delivery letter, within 3 days, to the transporter.  

Terms of payment

The billing and payment will be at the time of purchase, with a discount. Payment within 30 days but without discount, remains subject to agreement at the time of purchase.  After 30 days,  interest will be billed automatically, without formal demand, on overdue invoices from the date when payment became due. Eight days after formal demand by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the debtor could be forced to pay by means of legal action, with damage and interest. In the case of late payment a customer becomes our debtor, and in addition to the penalties for late payment will be charged, a fixed compensation fee of 40 euros for recovery of the debt

Title of ownership (Law n°80-335 of the  May 12th 1980)

All merchandise remains our property until complete payment of the bill, which authorises us to insist on the restitution of our merchandise, even in the case of part payment. This title of ownership is enforceable to the buyer, as well as to any subsequent buyer.

Carriage of Goods

All carriage fees are payable by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed at the time of order.

Retention Rights

In the case of repairs, we dispose of the right of retention of  goods repaired by us, or sub-contractors, until complete payment of the repair bill.

Delivery times

With the exception of the  specification on the purchase order  of a delivery date, the buyer cannot complain of  any delay in delivery, nor use this as a pretext to refuse the delivery. In the case where a delivery date was specified on the purchase order, the buyer cannot cancel the order because of delayed delivery, unless a formal demand sent to the transporter by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt has remained unsuccessful after 30 days.

Utilisation of our products

Fertilizers, herbicides, etc... are to be used under the full responsability of the buyer, who must check beforehand the instructions for use given on the label, instruction leaflet, or any other document  given with the product, and all current regulations must be respected.


Only the courts of the county of the Poitiers FRANCE will be competent.